What are the top three questions asked by our families at DC Vegas?

How do we get to and from the hotel/arena?

With the dcvegas bus pass transportation couldn’t be easier.  $75.00 covers all five days of bussing from the hotel to the arena and return.   For a family of four this is ideal even over renting a car.

How did you choose the hotel for the tournament and why do we stay on the Las Vegas Strip?

All of us at dcvegas want to offer a full Las Vegas Tournament experience and while elite hockey is the focus, we want to make sure that our players and families are enjoying their holiday as well.  The Luxor Hotel is located in the perfect spot for getting our busses quickly in and out and onto the freeway within minutes.   The pools at the Luxor expand over many areas offering cabana’s, great music and lots of sunshine….great times are always had here!    We also chose the Luxor as it offers great value for your money and has some awesome family dining options – couple this with their recent renovations and it’s an all around great fit.

What kind of exposure will my player get?

The dcvegas vision for exposure is paramount.   With live streaming and scoring we reach many levels of hockey.  We have scouts and representatives that will be taking in, attending and coaching at the tournament.   NCAA / WHL / OHL/  QMJHL / NAHL / USHL / AJHL / BCHL / USPHL (NCDC, PREMIER, ELITE)    This is an ongoing commitment that we continue to strive to increase awareness and exposure at every age group.